Be a Keeper of the Game

UpdatedSaturday March 26, 2016 byTim Northrop.

Keeper of Lacrosse  is a movement to keep lacrosse authentic through the preservation of culture and the promotion of character.

“I want to bring the soul of the game
back in lacrosse.”
- Paul Bashaw - Portage, Michigan

Committed to never losing sight of the past as we journey forward, the Keeper of Lacrosse Project asks each participant to cradle the values that give lacrosse its roots and wings:

The Keeper Code
•Play in the spirit of the game
•Honor traditions
•Promote honor, integrity and respect
•Encourage good sportsmanship
•Value teamwork
•Own a commitment to community

Join the Keeper Project

Three Step to Keeping Lacrosse Authentic!
1.Sign up to Be a Keeper and receive a free kit of tools and resources.
2.Practice and preach the following: •Play in the Spirit of the Game: play for the love of the game
•Honor Traditions: be a part of something bigger than yourself
•Promote Honor, Integrity, Respect: practice virtues fundamental to developing good character ◦Honor the opportunity to participate through grace and humility.
◦Serve the game with integrity in the best interest of the sport.
◦Respect the sport’s traditions and those who came before, holding them in the highest regard, on and off the field.

•Encourage Good Sportsmanship: value qualities of conduct and attitude over outcome; each teammate or opponent is part of the same game.
•Value Teamwork: no one is bigger than the game; the team - not individual stars - is the reason for the game.
•Own a Commitment to Community: long after the last game, the lacrosse family remains; embrace the spirit of the game and pay it forward.

3.Pay it forward. The Keeper of Lacrosse Project is a donor supported initiative of the US Lacrosse Foundation. Your donation will allow us to continue to bring the soul of lacrosse back in the game.